reconstructed duckweed
eyes that say fuck me
you need a degree
in chemistry
to understand
what Kraft have planned

happy meal
you are not happy
merely a serving suggestion
fatty meal
skip the lessons on sex education
lectured by nerve with bell-end-red complexion
backed up by priests
dressed in black sheets

nothing happens
again nothing happened
watch shows that tell you what’s funny by playing recordings of laughing and clapping

cling to my mother
old man salmon macaque
lack confidence and interest

the radio plays the new rap poet
her voice sounds made up
the guts to stand up, ignoring the voice that says shut the fuck up
thought up in a fleeting meeting of executives with mac books and weird looks

the British bastard cunts
spread fear and loathing in tooting
apart from 6 music, it’s cool and soothing
it’s ok to go boozing,
not ok to go shooting


Author: camelfox

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