hate hate hate

the trouble is,
Muslims doubling,
Muslims troubling your beliefs.

your shoulder.
they’re taking over.
they took your jobs,
their law is older,
they stone their lovers in the street

this is terror you can’t measure
this is an Islamic state
(so called mates)
and we can stop hate with hate
we can start hate with hate
marvel like we didn’t create
then finally stop all hate with hate

regurgitate the curry ate
The girl you kissed, the Pharmacist.
Well we all make mistakes.
It’s not too late.
hate hate hate.
was there something that we missed?

Let’s make Britain great again.
no shame in the flag
fuck off mate
you sound like my dad


bus arrives microseconds

bus arrives microseconds
no more guessing, get to lessons.
It’s our bus
in bus we trust.

stare air diesel
creeping ipod weasels
pick up propaganda
sit in silence
read violence
oil reliance
unnecessary science
bus jerks
I’ll talk about this at work
little boys that used to stare at little girls skirts
delve into 3D worlds through screens
outside is grey post punk post industrial concrete
queues of tin machines
switch off data
pick up paper

game loading, brain exploding,
experience encoding.


I saw I mouse.  I’d heard a family rumour we had mice and I wondered and waited at what that actually meant.  Then I saw him.  My first wild animal.  Moving like a mouse on wheels.  A clockwork mouse. Faster than normal.  Faster than me.  A petrol steam mouse.  A hairy bullet.  The dimensions of our yard were uncompromising.  Suddenly the finickity rodent found himself on the concrete prairie, exposed to the freezing micro gusts of Longsight.  Mammalian evolution was crystallised in that moment.  Mammal speed.  My heart started that day.  I tracked him, as if a cat but not with my primate binocular vision.  Locking on like a torpedo but then he was gone, leaving a trail of shit behind him.